Anske Van Acker, professional freelance makeup artist and hairstylist Belgium for photoshoots, commercial beauty and fashion, advertising & video productions, bridal makeup & bridal hair. Beauty expert for RVB Lab the makeup, events & workshops. Make-up artist & hairstylist België (mua & muah ) voor photoshoots, beauty en fashion, reclame en videoclips, bruidsmake-up en bruidskapsels, events en workshops.

“Makeup & Hair can truly create a window to the soul”

I love the minimum effort it takes to bring out the hidden beauty in a person.  And how hair and makeup can truly bring out unexplored versions of someone.

In makeup and hairstyling my strengths are: eye for detail and technique. I’ll always be looking for a smile and focus on exploring the beauty that’s already present in every woman. I love creativity, but I will say that my signature look is natural and clean.

I always loved everything of beauty, so first I decided to become a teacher in bio-aesthetics, hairstyling and biology. Soon after, I realized my heart belongs to the makeup artistry.

So I followed different makeup & hair courses at Schoonheidschool (Ghent), B Academy (Amsterdam) & Illamasqua (London). I took on every opportunity to work. I worked full-time for Mac Cosmetics and on my days off, I was shooting for photographers and assisting for free. Just for the experience.

Learning from others and then experimenting to see what I liked, helped me to make the decision to stop at Mac Cosmetics and to become a freelancer. When I started out, I had the opportunity to work for Fashion Week Amsterdam. Soon after I rolled from one job to another.

I wanted a life as a MUAH, where my life is filled with beauty pictures.

And so it is now. I’ll never let go.



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Make-up artist & Hairstylist België - Anske Van Acker - muah  Bruidsmake-up & bruidskapsel België
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